Iron Age is passion for fabricating raw materials into beautiful, bold structures. With this high horizontal surface of workmanship we aim to continuously excogitation , create and push boundaries in order to produce unique function furniture that you can utilize not only in an office environment, but also at home. The beauty of our desk being deal made we are have the vantage of being able to customs form every piece which enabling us to meet our customers needs down to every measure .

IronAge specializes in architectural metal fabrication and specialty furniture items.
All of our items are custom made, to your exact specifications.
We have the ability to do small or large projects, from small furniture items, to large architectural spaces.

Our clients include many top architecture and construction firms in the NYC area.Recent projects include:

  • Exterior ornamental gates for Cartier’s 5th Avenue Showroom
  • 2,000 lb (really!) conference table and matching reception desk for architects’ office
  • Blackened steel countertops for Chelsea gallery with matching steel wall tiles
  • Store fixtures for Barney’s New York
  • Custom stairs for private residence