This page is meant as a reference guide to some of the basic shapes, styles, and finishes of metals used in our furniture designs. Please note that these are photographic reproductions of surfaces, and the actual surface may not look exactly like the photos. All of our items are handmade, and so, some variation does occur in the finished products. There are slight irregularities in the natural surface of the steel that we leave in our furniture. We feel that these irregularities are beautiful and only enhance the individual character of each item.

Please feel free to email us with any questions regarding the finishes or metal types you see on this website.

Available Metals:

Mild Steel
Cold-Rolled Steel
Stainless Steel

Basic Stock Used for Designs:

Round Bar
Square Bar
Flat Bar
Reinforcement Bar
Circular Tube & Pipe
Rectangular & Square Tube
Steel Diamond Plate
Aluminum Diamond Plate
Square Perforated Steel
Circular Perforated Steel


Classic Finishes:

Blackened Steel with Polished Highlights
Natural Steel with Polished Highlights

Shiny Finishes:

Hand Polished Steel
Random Orbital

Specialty Patinas:

Pewter Patina
Rust Colored Patina
Copper Patina
Chocolate Patina

Other Options

Paint (all colors)
Wheels & Casters
Bolt Connections
Decorative Mesh & Perforated Metal
Hinges & Other Hardware

If you don’t see what you have in mind, just ask- we may be able to create it or get it for you.

Please email us with any inquiries.